Tank Removal

UST/AST Removal, Closure and Demolition

At Vector, we have the technical capabilities and experience to service your underground storage tank (UST) and above ground storage tank (AST) removal needs. We provide these services to the highest standards of safety and goes above and beyond to satisfy all regulatory requirements.

Vector has the tools and training necessary to remove the contents of UST/ASTs as well. If a regulated UST or AST is taken out of service and/or removed, all flammable, combustible, or other liquids are required to be removed from the system. Additionally, the tanks are to be purged of explosive vapors and monitored with an appropriate meter for vapors before, during and after removal.

Regulated removal and closure of underground storage tank (USTs) and aboveground storage tank (ASTs) systems can be a lengthy and costly process. Vector’s experienced staff can help reduce cost while ensuring a quick and effective resolution.

Vector provides comprehensive tank removal, decommissioning and demolition services across the nation.


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